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Smart Learning Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Thursday, October 27 13:00 CEST / 15:00 GST

Apply smart learning to reduce accidents

The most common cause of catastrophic accidents in the oil and gas industry is human error, often due to improper training. Investing in effective employee training is key to preventing these accidents and remaining compliant with regulatory laws. 

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How and why accidents happen in the oil and gas industry

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What the effect of human error on the industry is

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How eLearning can help the industry with certification, safety and compliance

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Loren Roosendaal

Digital Transformation Expert

Founder & Chairman Knowingo

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''As Founder and Chairman at Knowingo, I'm working with an amazing team to deliver measurable learning results for a wide range of companies using self-learning AI and gamification to help employees learn any time, any place, in just minutes per day.''


Loren was fascinated by technology from a young age – working on video games played by millions before leaving high school. Since then Loren has established himself as a serial entrepreneur and leading expert in the field of digital transformation. He founded Knowingo and the Institute for Transformational Development. He brings together the digital and social realm and helps organizations discover fresh perspectives on learning and development, culture and digital business models.